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Tailored Solutions in Divorce and Family Law

In the process of getting a divorce, you will need to make many important decisions regarding custody, visitation, division of property, and other issues. The resolution of these issues will have immediate and long-term consequences. There are no cookie-cutter solutions and nothing can be taken for granted. It is important that you choose an attorney who can help you successfully manage your divorce.

I am Andy Boyer, an experienced  divorce and family law attorney. I have practiced law in Will County for 25 years and represented women and men in all kinds of divorce cases, in Shorewood, Joliet, Plainfield, and throughout Will County. I also represent many clients in Grundy County and Kendall County.


I can help you make good decisions. Divorce is fact-driven. I will take the time to listen to you and delve into the unique facts of your case. I will explain how the laws of Illinois apply to your situation. I will give you my legal opinion of the best outcome, the worst-case scenario and the most likely outcome of your divorce or custody dispute. I will help you make informed, strategic decisions rather than gut reactions that may run counter to your goals and best interests.

I can help you get control over your life. It is stressful and intimidating when an authority like a judge has the power to make decisions about your children, your property and your life. My representation will help you take back control over your life and set realistic goals. I will work diligently to help you achieve your goals. In the courtroom I will be your aggressive advocate fighting for your best interests.

I will help you prioritize the issues in your divorce. I will help you determine your goals regarding safety, stability, financial security and child custody. I will also help you understand what the court considers most important. The court is looking to resolve your case, not prolong it. If you go into court knowing what you want and knowing what facts to emphasize, the court will be more disposed to decide in your favor.

I will help you make a good first impression. The judge will form a first impression of you and your case, and will do so quickly. Once that impression is made, it will remain fixed in the court's mind for a long time. It is important to appear reasonable and willing to avoid open conflict. In determining child custody, the court wants to know that you will foster cooperation and support the other parent's relationship with your child. I will help prepare you to make your first impression a good one.

I will prepare you and I will be prepared. You don't want any surprises and the court is not patient with those who are ill-prepared. At each step of the divorce process you will have to make a decision to settle or to have the judge make a ruling on the matter. I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of settlement versus a contested hearing, and prepare and present appropriate pleadings to the court based on your instructions. You will be prepared for each part of your case so you can be an effective participant.

I will help you get your fair share. The law requires an equitable distribution of the assets (and debts) you have accumulated. It is my job to ensure that assets are properly characterized as marital or separate property, and that they are valued correctly. I will help you negotiate a settlement that makes the best sense for your current situation and your future financial security.

I will explain how I bill for my services and help you make informed decisions. Before I go to work as your lawyer, you will receive a copy of the Service and Fee Agreement and a statement of client's rights and responsibilities. You will receive an invoice each month accounting for the legal services I have provided, and a copy of every letter or pleading I send or receive.

I can estimate what it will cost to reach your goals, so that you can make decisions about the cost-effectiveness of the services you want me to perform. I will also explain Illinois' Level the Playing Field Law, which may require a higher earning spouse to subsidize the other spouse's legal fees, so that you can budget and scale your legal spending accordingly.

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I invite you to a free initial consultation to discuss how I can help you successfully manage your divorce. I will listen carefully to the specific facts of your case to be able to tailor solutions and assert your interests in court. Call the Shorewood law firm of Andrew Boyer, P.C. or fill out the contact form for more information.